The Voice Within (smackietheemu) wrote in notearsinspoons,
The Voice Within

To start things off...

Welcome to Spoons. Here, you can post any new rules (or nominations for rules) for the game, as well as experiences you have playing the game.

Have fun, and try not to spill (or lose) too much blood.

  • Spoonless?

    It's been exactly a month since the last post in this community. Has everyone forsaken spoons? Have there been no epic battles to recount, no planned…

  • ATL Crowd. Spoons This Weekend?

    Hey maybe we can all get together and play spoons this weekend with Courtney. Just a thought.

  • Some of the rules...

    These were the three rules that Eli and I could remember last night. Please add to them if anyone can remember others. "What happens in spoons,…

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